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10 Fashion Basics for the Successful Woman

I am often asked what my top ten items are that I can't live without. What items should every successful fashionable lady have? Well you will be happy to know this is not some made up list - these are literally the items you will find in my closet and in my hand bag. These are not in any set order ... but here we go...let me know your thoughts!


After growing up in Australia and now living in a very dry area in Southern California, I never start or end my day without Rosehip Oil on my face and neck area. Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rose, Rosa aff. rubiginosa or Rosa moschata. Rosehip Oil offers several benefits when applied externally due to its primary constituents: essential fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C and B-carotene, a form of vitamin A. It helps for Anti Aging, Photo Aging Protection, Scar Treatment, Encourages Skin Cell Regeneration and it's absorbed so quickly and makes my skin feel so moist and youthful. BUT... alas it is not a sun cream - so I still need to wear my sun cream over the top during the day!

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Rosehip Oil


As cliche as it might sound this is a solid staple in my closet. It comes out in Winter, it is also there in Summer. I can dress it up, layer it dress it down. Nothing looks more chic on a woman than a crisp white shirt. Look no further than Anne Fontaine - if you are going to invest in an item to keep for years, please have a look at some of the beautiful classic white shirts she continues to re-invent year after year.

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Anne Fontaine


I would be lost without my collection of big statement earrings. Statistics show that people are most likely to remember you by your accessories so give them something stunning and eye catching to remember. Whenever I wear my statement earrings especially to networking style events, or gala evenings I always receive so many comments on my earrings, and in some cases it will be a conversation opening to others to come and chat to me. Statement earrings can dress up your outfit immediately.

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Christie Nicolaides Marcella Earrings


So I actually own these in navy as it is my favorite color and matches most things in my closet at any one time, but as a global recommendation to all - the nude is a perfect staple which will come in handy to all and can match back for all occasions (and can be dressed up or down). Why Jimmy Choo? I find the mold of the shoe to be so comfortable and when I do wear heels I am often running from one meeting to another and need comfort as a priority.

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Jimmy Choo Nude Patent Leather


An essential and timeless accessory, the silk scarf is traditionally tied around the neck but can be worn in endless ways: around the wrist, as a belt, as a headband in your hair or even transformed into a jewel for a bag. Some of my fav scarfs are by Longchamp as they use their scarves to recount a multitude of wonderful stories - and they often remind me of my days living in Paris. I always have one in my bag in case.

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Lonchamp Silk Scarf


Not only do I suggest you look the part with these staple closet items, but feel the part on the inside. I love to continue to educate and read and feel inspired by great readers. This book was recommended to me and I would like to recommend it to you. Lean In digs deep into gender inequality and why women are still underrepresented as a valuable part of our global workforce, showing how they unintentionally hold themselves back, as well as outlining ways for us to enable and support them, including how you as a woman can take the lead and hold the flag of women in work high. Have a read!

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Lean In


I did save up for some time to invest in my Coach trench. Lightweight enough that you can throw it on in the early evenings when it is just cooling down to keep the breeze at bay, or great to layer up in the Winter months. I just love the casual chic of the trench. Perhaps I'm taken with the nostalgia that it has been fashionable since the mid 1940's post war, perhaps I love the scenes in films like Casablanca or seeing Marlene Dietrich wearing a stylish classy trench. Whatever it is - I love them, and find women look great in them.

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Coach Trenchcoat


You may be seeing a trend in that I love versatile feminine garments that can easily go from day to night and retain style for years on end no matter what is "in trend". A wrap dress is a must for any shape and size - there is a wrap dress for every woman. Perfect to pop on after the gym to pick the kids up from school, or add some heels, some statement earrings and you are set for a movie premiere. You cannot go past DVF to find a wrap dress in every fabric, pattern, length, with / without sleeves etc.

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DVF wrap dress


I know we live in the smart phone era, I am very aware and use mine as much as any other social media, fashion interested business woman. BUT ... I always (always!) have my beautiful notebook in my handbag at any one time. I find taking notes in my notebook far less rude than taking notes on my phone. Taking notes on your smart device easily comes across as texting someone, or looking at social media. If I am taking notes, either at networking events, or restaurant suggestions, or people to meet, anything ... I always write it down and I have it easily there to go back to. I love the Hermes notepads, but the Coach leather cover ones are a fav too!

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Hermes notepad


I often have a book in my bag, a silk scarf in case there is a change in weather and I want something to cover mu shoulders, my notebook and pen, my phone - often also my laptop, a water bottle, if I sadly have to miss lunch because of meetings I always have some kind of protein snack with me, my purse, my charging doc as I am forever running out of battery at the worst time possible my sunglasses (this would be an item 11 if I have 11 items!), basic makeup bandaids etc, and on some occasions I even have a kids coloring in book and some Lego pieces ... SO my point is as the super organised woman I am, I need an amazing heavy duty bag that also looks great, is durable and is not going to clash with different outfits I am wearing. Since my days living in Paris I have loved the brand Lancel, this classic comes in so many different colors and has great room inside. My first Lancel was a previous model of the below, and I bought it in bright pink as my statement bag. I loved it and used it literally until the handle broke after about 7 years.

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Lancel Bag

So there you have it - my top ten Fashion Basics for the successful woman. I am always curious what your must haves are! Why not drop me a line and tell me what you think your top ten are?


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