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Are you trying to plan an event but have no idea where to start, or need to attract sponsors or partners for your event, or are you trying to launch a fashion label but need more contacts in the industry?  No matter what your struggle is, in the events, fashion or marketing industry I can help.

Firstly I request you to book one of my complimentary 30 minute sessions by accessing my calendar here (or by clicking the link screen below):


From here I recommended a strategic plan and pricing structure to help you get to where you need to be. Pricing would depend on the project size and how much I can utilise my vast industry contacts to help assist you with your journey.   


My sessions are run using Zoom video conference.  A questionnaire will be emailed to you once a booking has been made.  I will spend time prior to our meeting reviewing the questionnaire and researching your competitors and current strategy; so our time is best spent on the problems at hand.

Common questions I am asked:

How can I access seed investment? Can you write a marketing strategy to increase sales? Where should I best invest my marketing spend? Can you introduce me to your contacts?  I want to run an event but don't know where to start? How do I launch into the USA? I am not sure how to grow my business to the next step? How do I launch my label into a new city? Can you invite your contacts to come to my event? 

I look forward to working with you!


If you never try something new ... you never get new results - so let's have a chat today.


Olivia Lee


Resa Zekants 
South City Bulletin

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Our engagements and readership in print, online and social have all increased due to, not only her incredible work on our covers, but her outstanding knowledge within the area and her interesting and educational fashion features every month.

David Alexander
Mystique Models

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I have worked with Carly on numerous projects over the years, I always look forward to those shoots as I know they will run very professionally with Carly's eye to detail second to none. All aspects of the shoot are managed with immaculate organization with everyone involved kept updated with all details and I like that she involved the local community and businesses into these shoots.

You were so willing to help and guide even from the moment I picked you up from the airport! Very kind and approachable.


I was so excited to hear what you had to say (even for the second time) about event planning and even more eager to hear specifics about the fashion industry.


I felt everything you said is really important to consider even when it seems like common sense, but can be so easy to forget. For example, in each session the number one thing I remembered was to always consider the people you are working with. Whether that be the volunteers for an event or the most important attendee, you need to put yourself in their shoes and make their experience wonderful. (the people from the Seagestrum event should take your advice)


I felt it was super helpful for someone who has no experience in the field yet. I got a lot of my questions answered that I had felt too stupid to ask anyone else before. Like how to navigate a networking event. The two rounds and don’t make it to the bathroom idea is funny, but actually super helpful!


I think it was really important for me to hear all this before heading in to the job hunt post-graduation. I now know what to keep in mind in connecting with people and how to present myself and I’m honestly not as nervous as I was before. I haven’t had the chance yet to practice anything you taught, but I am ready when the time comes!

Steve Buckholz

Carly was very easy to listen to. She didn’t use jargon that was confusing or belittling. She was relatable and made me feel comfortable asking questions. Her responses felt thought out and not just some generic answer to help get her to her next point. 


The topic was fantastic and very informative. It apples directly to some of my biggest fears and concerns regarding future employment.


I feel more confident in future employment opportunities. Carly introduced meaningful tips and tricks for getting to know people and network more effectively. 


Carly will listen to you and take time to address your concerns either before, during or after her presentation. She understands people and what it means to be approachable, friendly and professional. You will leave feeling better about your way forward.


I am making plans to go to an event with a purpose. I want to go feeling my most confident, prepared to meet people with whom I can network and forward my professional career in some shape or form. I want to build my brand. I have already revised some social media to better represent me the way I want it to.

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